almost927's Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Collector's Edition) (PlayStation 2) review

This game is better than THUG 1 and especially 2.

This game is better than THUG 1 and especially 2. It is very cool that you can skate around the whole los angeles! But the gameplay does suffer a little, it's not the game i thought it would be but it's still worth buying. If you are a die hard fan of this series you should buy it because even though the gameplay suffers aliitle it can still be a fun game. So my final review about this game is that you can have alot fun with this game if u don't really mind the little flaws.I really do recommend this game.


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    Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the seventh installment of the Tony Hawk series in seven years. years?  Anyway, THAW is also the third re-invention of the series after 4 incredible Pro Skater games and 2 debatable Underground games.  Thankfully, American Wasteland returns the series to its skater roots after going off on a Jackass style tangent the last two years.  The core of the game is still the same though, and the addictive control scheme is still in tact.  The gimmick i...

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    Bless you, Used Games bin. Without you, I would have felt like a complete moron for having purchased many a game. But, with your low prices, I can feel comfortable having bought titles like this one. Tony Hawk's American Wasteland is the seventh game in the dynasty-like series from Neversoft, and it's... well, it's alright.Starting with a PlayStation demo disc for the first Tony Hawk's Pro Skater that featured the Chicago level, with no goals, and the world famous two-minute time limit, I was im...

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