dooops's Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Xbox 360) review

Same ol same ol

Gameplay: The gameplay for this game is just like the previous two Tony Hawk games. It's more of the same old stuff and they did not add much to make it phenominal. Graphics: The graphics are pretty bad for this game considering it's on the Xbox 360. The potential for great graphics is there but you see none of this on screen. Granted this is a first generation game for the xbox 360 it's not but a port from earlier generation. So do no buy this game expecting next gen graphics.

Sound: The sound is your average Tony Hawk game music. There is an average amount of variety and it sticks to pretty much "skater" type music.

Value: The value of this game is decent. I mean you can spend a lot of time completing 100% of the gaps. Especially if you do not use a gap guide. The online aspect is there but in reality all you do is play against people that perfect lines for highscores.

Reviewer's Tilt: This is a great game to get for some easy achievement points. You can get 900 points by simply completing the two modes and playing each map online and setting a highscore of 1000+ points per level. If you are like me and just all around enjoy playing Tony Hawk games even if it does not add anything groundbreaking new then go ahead and buy it. Otherwise I'd say skip this game and get Tony Hawk Project 8 or Skate.

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