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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x

Oddly enough my first experience with the Tony Hawk series was playing the Marseilles demo of the THPS2, which ultimately led to me purchasing the first game. Of course though, the second game in my opinion just completely destroys the first, it included from what I know…more real life skate spots, had twice the number of objectives per level, added the manual, 3 new skaters (including my favorite…Rodney Mullen). On top of all that there was the newly added level editor, custom skaters, secret levels, and secret characters (Spiderman, 80’s Tony Hawk).

Ultimately the Xbox re-make is the version of the game I play today, and probably the best in my mind with the improved graphics, added levels, 4 player/LAN support, as well as custom soundtracks. It also should be noted that I am cheating by naming THPS2x, since it includes the first and second game all in one package. Either way, both introduced me to the world of skateboarding, an interest I still have to this day.

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