Would Rather? THPS 3

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To get myself all hyped up for the new HD Collection, I hit the TNT archives for THPS3 and got to thinking...

I played the first two THPS games on the original Playstation. These are obvious remake candidates because of the lower poly count and bad textures. I then started thinking about THPS 3 and if adding parts of that game to the HD collection would be worth it for me. I've come to the conclusion that I personally would rather have a full port of THPS 3 (PS2 graphics and all) than an HD remake with only a selection of levels and songs. I need the whole enchilada. I know this would in all likelihood not include online play, but I would prefer it instead.

Would You Rather have only a selection of levels in the DLC, or a full port?

Edit: Topic thread should be Would You Rather. I know DLC is coming, just thinking that I would rather have the full game than just selections of levels.

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THPS3 levels are coming as DLC for THPSHD

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THPS2 levels would be awesome.

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