Do you think the first two Tony Hawk Pro Skater still hold up...

#1 Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116 (279 posts) -

...and do you think I should just buy those games instead of this? I love the Tony Hawk series, my first one out of the series being Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. I have never gone back and played the first two games and, when i heard this game would have levels from the first two games, I was pretty excited. Now that I see that it's only a few levels and a few skaters (which I wasn't expecting much for 15 bucks anyway but, still....) I was thinking that I could probably buy the first two games on Amazon and get them for less than 15 bucks and have a better time than I would with this game. At first I was just joking but now, I'm extremely interested in that idea. I was wondering if you guys thought that was a good idea and if I would still really enjoy those games or if I should just buy this one.

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I played through THPS2 last year and it was still pretty good. You'll be missing out on HD graphics and online play by choosing it over THPSHD but I think it's going to be worth it to play the old ones. The new one will go on sale eventually and it will be more appealing at that time.

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@mosespippy: Yeah, i think I will buy THPS HD eventually. Still, I'm probably going to buy the Pro Skater series and play through it since it's just so damn fun!

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I'd say they still stand up pretty well. It's still fun, and the "build a park" feature is amazing if you have the time to mess with it.

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PS2 looks terrible on my TV so i wouldn't put my eyes through that.

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Well I just bought THPS2 and will wait for HD to go on sale. So I'm with you buddy.

(side note, I typed this message out about 20 minutes ago, then the weather got all biblical on my ass and knocked out the power to my router just as I went to post it. Thunder, lightning, and fucking hail even though it's 90 degrees outside. the apocalypse has arrived enjoy your games while you can)

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I just recently aquired THPS 1, 2 and 3. I have to say, they are just as good as they were back when I put tons of hours into them back in the day. I still play them regularly too.

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This is good to hear. I really am excited to get those games and start playing them

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@pyromagnestir: Time to stock up on Combos and Brisk and lock myself in the basement then...

#10 Posted by pyromagnestir (4386 posts) -

Well I just started watching last night's Colbert Report and apparently Stephen Colbert saw my post in here and liked my weather joke so much he stole it. That bastard! I'll sue for royalties! I'll settle for an order of Buffalo tenders for lunch. I'm hungry.

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The first two haven't aged quite so well as the PS2 iterations, but they're still very playable and great fun. Dive in! Just wait until you get to THPS 3 though... I'm actually jealous of you for having your first playthrough of that classic!

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Yes. 2 more so then 1.

Well at least the PC version of 2 holds up.

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