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I know it's for a different site, but I love the Giant Bomb fans and I would love some input from you guys. Please let me know what you think of my first video review! Be harsh if you want to!

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Hmm seems like shameless advertising to me. If you really wanted to do this, you should have submitted it as a User Review on the game's page. You could have embedded the video at the top (use the "Video" button") and posted a transcript of the video audio as the review content.

However, as it is this is also YouTube spam technically, and it almost looks like you made an account here just to post it. Not a great start, but GLHB with the rest of your ventures.

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@Chavtheworld: Thank you for the feedback! I have been a giant bomb member for a lot longer than just to post this, just not much for forums. I have listened to the podcast for 2 or 3 years and love the quick looks, just never felt compelled to post. Honestly, yea, I am just trying to get some people to watch it because I am trying to get better and get more feedback. I will check out the user review on the game page from now on.

Thank you for pointing out my miss post! Can't get better without making a few mistakes

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@mcbrid55: I've put down a few user reviews in my time, best of luck with it and hopefully they prove popular!

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@mcbrid55: Threads which just consist of a few words and a YouTube link are considered YouTube spam and are a violation of our rules. You're perfectly welcome to submit a text version of your review in the reviews section for the game, but threads like this clog up the forums for people who want to start discussions beyond plugging their own links.

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