How should the controls work in THPS HD?

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"Allow the player to select from the feature sets of each game (including the revert), and keep separate leaderboards for each."

Imagine how crazy that could be!

No way it's going to happen, but still!

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Every button you press should play this song:

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E. All new features can be toggled. Have icons next to each leaderboard score indicated what is toggled on and then can sort the leaderboards by icons such as Top Score in Warehouse no revert and no manual etc.

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im seeing .....a motion control skateboard

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Toggle everything. It'd be interesting to see the leaderboard differences when you can't rely on manuals, which are, of course, the backbone to most batshit-crazy scores.

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The leaderboards are just gonna get hacked anyway, right?

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let it play like 4, fully featured until it went off the rails in THUG with the getting off the board business

leaderboards for different features would be interesting but yeah, probably just going to see a bunch of 9999999999999 anyways so why bother

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I wouldn't mind everything added up to THPS4, which would include the manual, revert, spine transfers, and trick modifiers (double-tapping a face button to change your trick mid-grind/manual).

I was about to write that I'd rather they not split hairs with leaderboards and just have one leaderboard per level, but maybe they can just separate it by "original" and "in this mode you can do any trick". Because, if they're going to recreate old levels, maybe it cheapens it if, say, you can manual in a THPS1, which may trivialize certain goals like S.K.A.T.E. or the score attack on those original levels.

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i just hope they bring back timed runs. I quickly realized in 4 how much i did not want an open world skateboard game. give me 2 or 5 minutes and about 5 goals per level (basically how it worked up until 4 came out and added a dozen goals per stage)

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Every button you press should play this song:

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I endorse this idea. 
It's tough to say without knowing more. I would say a THPS3 style would be the best, since that would be what most people are familiar with. 
None of that off the board crap though. That just allowed people who sucked to keep going with their combos when they would have bailed long before. Plus it made score goals way too easy.
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C. I was a huge fan of 3 and 4, and reverting was awesome. I might be a bit disappointed not being able to revert.

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My favorite was THPS2, all your talk of revert CONFUSES AND ENRAGES ME.

Manuals for life dawg

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:

My favorite was THPS2, all your talk of revert CONFUSES AND ENRAGES ME.

Manuals for life dawg

I'm sure you're kidding, but for anyone who might not understand the issue, a manual is a trick where you roll on two wheels instead of four. The idea was to allow you to continue your rail and ramp combos until you could launch yourself from a half-pipe to end your combo with a big scoring finish.

The revert came along in THPS 3, and it was a trick where you spun the board around on the two back wheels as soon as you landed from a half-pipe. The idea here was to allow you to continue a combo even after a big air half-pipe trick.

Personally, I think this was a large setback to the combo system, rather than an improvement. The revert allowed players to continue their combos under almost any circumstance, rather than forcing players to find creative ways to keep their combo alive. THPS was still fun after the revert, but the series felt like it lost much of its "puzzle" element to high scores. After the introduction of the revert, success relied far too much on insane combo strings that focused on exploiting the game's mechanics and completely ignored the strategy found in the first two games.

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Manuals, no reverts.

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It's a new game, not just a port of the old ones, so there's no reason it won't have all the features/tricks in every level, incl duding things that weren't introduced until the newer games.

It is about doing crazy tricks in 2 minute runs, completing objectives and collecting the S-K-A-T-E letters though, which is exactly what I wanted a new Tony Hawk game to be. Not just another lazy "HD" port.

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@WilliamHenry said:

Manuals, no reverts.

This.  I'm ok with manuals, but doing away with the reverts would be awesome and make the hanger hangtime gaps still hard to do in one trick.(as they always were)  Reverts would break that challenge for me.
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Kitchen sink approach. Put it all in, and we'll be good to go.

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No manuals or reverts.

You can only get off the board and get in cars to continue combos.

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This thread is chock full of insecurity and a lack of will.

I can't see any legitimate reason to reduce functionality by removing features. Nobody will be forcing you to do use every feature. Wanting fewer options because your upset that you can't get on leaderboards unless everyone else is deprived of mechanics is quite silly. If you think that a given trick lessens the challenge, then don't use it. Those desperate for time limits can easily stop playing after five minutes. Many of the complaints and concerns in this thread amount to hoping that the game will not allow others to enjoy playing differently than you want to. This is simply stupid. Some of you would do well to concern yourselves less with what others do and just play the damned game how you want to. Then again, allowing such variety is hardly conducive to childish dick measuring.

The toggle idea is a bit of a stretch, as it would be more complicated than its worth. It may sound nice, but it just isn't practical and seems very unlikely for what is a rather small-time release.

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@DrBendo said:

Those desperate for time limits can easily stop playing after five minutes.

I pretty much stopped reading here. Not really, but I wanted to. Did you even play THPS one or two when they were first released? From that quote alone, I would seriously doubt it. The vast majority of goals in each level are focused around a two minute time limit. Knocking over five stacks of boxes in two minutes could be a bit of a challenge. Doing so with an unlimited time limit would be stupidly easy. Aside from that, no one was even talking about time limits.

This game is going to be a remake of levels from the original two games, which were originally designed without the revert in mind. If the revert is put into the game--at least not as a toggle--it will completely change the feel of a game that will largely be sold on nostalgic value. Loads of the goals will either have to be remade to suit the feature, or the goals will be the same which will remove much of the challenge.

More importantly, adding the revert and not allowing it to be a toggle will force players to play the game differently than they did before. To me, this would be like demanding dashing and wall climbing be added to a remake of Mega Man 2. The levels and goals of the game simply were not designed with those features in mind.

It would be fun to play around with, but it absolutely should not be forced on hardcore fans of the series, who are eagerly anticipating a huge graphical update and the same classic gameplay.

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