Objects in each level?

#1 Posted by smitty1937 (3 posts) -

How many objects in each level? All 7 of them. For Graffiti prefrences. I'm pretty sure there are 19 objects in Warehouse in total.

#2 Posted by C10H16N5O13P3 (8 posts) -

Unknown to me. I know for the warehouse, when I hit start and look at the goals to complete (other than cash, secret dvd, etc), there are a total of 16 goals/gaps/transfers to complete (Transfer, Taxi Gap, Kicker Gap, Over the Pipe, Secret Room, Faceplant, Channel Gap, Kicker 2 Ledge, Big Rail, Deck 2 Rail, Taxi 2 Ledge, Taxi 2 Rail, Monster Grind, High Rail, Holy Shi..., and Transition Grind). I haven't played in graffiti mode yet so I don't know if all of those are options available to tag or not.

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