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With the new game coming out (hopefully soon) I figured we should make a list of the songs that go great with the Tony Hawk games so that we can each pick and choose the ones we like best and have an awesomely fantastic soundtrack to skate to. Feel free to add any song you feel fits the games well, whether they were in past games or not.

However, please


Seriously, It will make this thread madness and a pain in the ass to search through. Simply provide a link to the song please. Also try not to repeat songs that have been previously mentioned, but if you do it's all good.

Here is my short list:

Big Bang - Bad Religion

To Drunk to Fuck - Dead Kennedys

Start Today - Fall Out Boy

Like the Angel - Rise Against

Welcome to Paradise - Green Day

No Revolution - The Explosion

Superman - Goldfinger

California Sun - Ramones

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Superman is on this list. I am good.

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@wemibelec90 said:

Superman is on this list. I am good.

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