THPSHD DLC video footage.

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#1 Posted by Tobiass (160 posts) -

Well, here's gameplay footage for the upcoming Tony hawks Pro Skater 3 DLC

Tony hawk will be at gamescon, we will find out more info tomorrow.

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#2 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

Do you think they'll announce DLC that adds stable physics and collision detection at Gamescon?

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#3 Posted by aurahack (2535 posts) -

Those look like really good version of those levels, but I think I'm done with that game. Seeing him skate up the ramp at the end of the Airport level at full speed just about sums up why that game is not worth going back to.

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#4 Posted by mosespippy (4748 posts) -

There are parts in both those levels that are better in the PS1 version than in the PS2 version so I'm kind of disappointed the PS1 levels aren't in it. Also, I just realized that Airport is basically a downhill jam level. You start at the top and it flows down until you reach the end.

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