Tony Hawk HD Getting Tony Hawk 3 Levels After All [UPDATED x2]

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#51 Posted by Homeslice (571 posts) -

I never really thought about the parallels between THPS and fighting games, but it's very apt, regarding performing moves, combos, etc....I must be an idiot.

#52 Posted by ultra2extreme (102 posts) -

@MrKlorox: I think the rose specs are in full swing there, was great in its day though!

#53 Posted by dropabombonit (1492 posts) -

This game needs reverts even if it doesn't count towards the score. The idea of only having manuals although true to THPS 1 and 2 seems like needless conforming to tradition. If they have THPS3 levels I want to see Canada and Rio

#54 Posted by Brewmaster_Andy (524 posts) -

I can't wait to get this game, sit down with my little brother, and play the crap out of it. Nostalgia overload go!

#55 Posted by Jayzilla (2571 posts) -

I played the crap out of 1 and 2. IDK that I need to play it anymore though and pay for a reskin.

#56 Edited by Paindamnation (815 posts) -

#57 Posted by bkbroiler (1641 posts) -

Jeff Gerstmann gives this game a 10/10!

#58 Posted by jjnen (661 posts) -

Couldn't be more excited about this.

#59 Posted by LegendaryChopChop (1249 posts) -

@Jayzilla said:

I played the crap out of 1 and 2. IDK that I need to play it anymore though and pay for a reskin.

Luckily you probably won't pay more than 15 dollars. Maybe 20, but for that it's definitely worth it when you count in online play.

#60 Posted by DanAmrich (8 posts) -

@MrKlorox said:

Yes, bringing the button mashy THPS games out after all this time is indeed a god fucking awful idea. But that's Activision for you.

You know whose idea THPS HD was? Tony Hawk's. Based in part on what fans were telling him, he asked Activision if they could bring back the old games. And originally they said no, so he waited and brought it up again later and finally convinced them. One of the many sources for this information:

Tony established that he "campaigned" to do this game on my podcast back in December (go to the 27 minute mark):

So...that's biased assumptions for you.

#61 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

I find Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3/4 and Tony Hawk's Underground /2 to be the pinnacle of the series, so if they aren't really including anything from those games, I'm really not interested. I don't think this series would benefit from going back to total barebones and basic gameplay. I really enjoyed and got a lot more out of the series when they started with the kitchen sink approaches.

#62 Posted by The_EDJ (52 posts) -

THPS 2 was so good, that once I ultimately lost/sold it I still found myself going back to whatever disc the demo was packaged on to get a quick 2 minute fix.

Going back to a simple control scheme will not only drive in the nostalgic fans, but keep the score runs going on and on between friends because even us less talented button mashers will have a chance to go stupid and put up a score or two. ;)

Consider me excited for this.

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