What is the benefit of including only THPS and 2 mechanics?

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So, while I am on a pseudo-tirade today, I figured I would pose this interesting question:

What is the benefit of including only Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Pro Skater 2 mechanics?

I believe it is widely regarded that all four Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games are absolute classics, with each entry in the franchise expanding and building, evolving the skateboarding mechanics so that the system is all-around robust, varied and allows for maximum creativity as well as varying styles the player is able to bring to the games.

I feel there is a certain creative loss by breaking down and doing away with the evolution of the series by stopping this HD-ification at Pro Skater 2. In playing just a small snippet of the game, the mechanics and collision detection have grown on me, and I am now able to enjoy the game more than I did in the first instance that I played the demo. But, in my experience, there is a mechanical limitation that has come with stripping down the skateboarding system to its near barebones, and it is obvious that this system was developed so as to be the standard for this particular entry. (It's not necessarily that I want to be able to anti-casper into a kick trick and go back into an anti-casper after landing every jump, but more so, I am limited in how far I want to push the mechanics. This has led to redundancy, much more "safe" gameplay and a bit of boredom.)

Unless Robomodo are planning on creating a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD 2, I can't really see this particular games having legs in a year, especially with this stripped down system they decided to go with. (And honestly, I really don't want to play Los Angeles (3) with the Pro Skater 2 mechanics.)

What does everybody else think about the mechanical choices in this game? Do you think we could see an HD 2 in two years' time? How would the mechanics look? Or, is this it for the HD-ification of the Pro Skater franchise? (I would like this to be about mechanics and gameplay. The case has already been stated for the level selection.)

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The benefit is appealing to people who didn't like the subsequent games. I think mechanics like getting of your board and spine transfers etc, helped the problem of bailing all the time.

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Being able to sell you the good shit as DLC.

#4 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

Just one of the many corners cut.

Crushingly disappointing.

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@Driam said:

Being able to sell you the good shit as DLC.


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if they give you everything with your initial purchase, how are they supposed to get you to buy dlc?

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