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Just not enough content

This is definatly a competent Tony Hawk game at the price tag of 1200 MP. The nostalgia around these first two titles was enough for me to buy it outright. For people that don’t have strong feelings about the Tony Hawk games though, they may want to pass. 7 Levels with an easily repeatable soundtrack will not keep a new gamer’s attention very long. A couple new modes and the addition of Xbox Live multiplayer is just not enough for me to recommend THPSHD to someone that doesn’t already have strong feelings for the two games.

Posted by Bollard

I watched the video now, was a pretty good review! Well put together. Although for some reason your embedding here has broken - just so you know with the "Video" button all you need to do is post the URL of the video on Youtube and it does everything else for you, somehow it didn't work here :S

Posted by mcbrid55

@Chavtheworld: Thanks man, fixed the embed

Posted by Bollard

@mcbrid55: Good stuff!

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