dsplayer1010's Tony Hawk's Project 8 (Xbox 360) review

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Review

With Tony Hawk's Project 8, Neversoft ditches having long stories like in the last three games, and keep the story at a minimum and focuses mainly on skating. And while the gameplay is great. It seems that Tony Hawk is getting less fun.

As I said before the gameplay stays great. A is to ollie, which you can hold longer to build up speed. B is to do grab tricks. X is to do flip tricks. And Y is grind. For these tricks, you can move the left analog stick in different directions to do different variations of these tricks.RT and LT at the same time is to spine transfer. LB and RB at the same time is to get on and off your board. LT when you are just riding is to do a nollie or pressure etc. RT when you are riding is to change wheter you are riding regularly or switch. If you jump on a rail and hit RT and Y at the same time, you do do a grind stall. If you do the same on such things as a post or a fire hydrant, you do a natas spin. Which you can also alter by double-hitting any of the face buttons besides A. To spin you push the left analog stick left or right. Neversoft also improved some things like flips. Which are now done by holding either trigger and pushing up or down on the left analog stick. Unfortunately, you still enter focus mode by clicking on the left analog stick. Which I found hard to do on purpus, but easy to do by accident. The biggest new addition is the nail-the-trick mode. To do this you click down on both analog sticks then move them in different directions, then when the griptape is facing the top, you stop.

This game doesn't have much of a story. It's just you climbing up a long list of skaters until your enter the top 8. The goals are mainly about skating. Like demoes, competitions, and photoshoots. There are also spot challenges, which test a speciffic skill. The only exceptions are bail goals where you are try to break your skater's bones by crashing into things. These are pretty fun, partly due to the fact that this game uses ragdoll physics. You advance in skills by do a trick a certain number of times or amount of time.

So in conclusion, Tony Hawk's Project 8 failed to live up to its next-gen potential. The series really has been going downhill lately. This game is worth at least a rent.
Posted by dsplayer1010

Glitch. Really a 2.5.

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