New Jersey in THUG2 REMIX!!!!!

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I was playing on Tony Hawk's Underground 2 REMIX game for PSP and i found and intresting glitch. When I was playing the training level, I was on the back of the level and I put Set Restart. So, when I bailed and I got really angry, I pressed Gotto Restart and I just got out of The trianing level and saw the New Jersey level far away. I presses Set Restart by accident when I wanted to press Gotto Restart. I pressed gotto restart by I am still there. So I put start High Score mode and I bailed to test something. When I bailed, I pressed Gotto Restart and i moved a little bit close to New Jersey. I kept doing that and I finaly went to New Jersey. I setted a created goal over there in New Jersey so I don't have to do this all the time. I went to youtube to find out if anybody found out about it and some people did. I found a movie instruction to help you get there too.


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That's a nice glitch man.

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ComicVine said:
"That's a nice glitch man.
dsplayer1010 said:
Of course it is cool. I never noticed that I could ever find that glitch.

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