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Story mode and being able to get off your skateboard make this a

You must get this game if you are a fan of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series. This game added a whole new concept to the series. First of all you are able to get off your skateboard! This alone sold me on this game. The ability to climb objects and reach areas that might not have been available to you before if very appealing!

The gameplay of this game is still great as it was in THPS 4. It is still smooth and the controls are the same except for a few added moves and features. The ability to get off your board is one of the new features and it is a great one. The story mode to this game made it interesting and captivating. The game adds non skateboard vehicles for a few tasks which are hard to handle and just a little diversion from the same routine.

The graphics are once again very well done and the frameset is nice and smooth. The game is very fast and the fact that the game does not bog down or get choppy is great. It adds to the sense of speed and the thrill of performing a long and fast paced combo.

The music, once again, ranged from a wide variety of artist and genres. This adds variety to the game and prevents it from becoming monotonous when you are trying to beat that one task over and over.

The amount of time you can put into this game is phenomenal. You are always able to hone your skills and try beating your own highscore. Tony Hawk Underground contains several easter eggs which gives the game personality and a greater fun factor. This game is just plain fun to play! I suggest you go out and try it , especially if you are a fan of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater games.


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