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Hey guys, over the last month I've been converted from a cynic to a believer in Too Human's cause. As a result I wrote a three part series entitled "Addicted to Too Human", with the first part in particular gaining significant notoriety for what I had to say about the camera and control scheme.

On the eve of release I thought I might post it here just in case you haven't read it, or are looking for a reason why being a cynic doesn't necessarily mean you'll end up "Against" Too Human...

For or Against?

Parts 1&2: Camera & Combat

"Surrendering the Camera" and "Goodbye Point and Click, Hello Thumbsticks!" cover how I initially hated and then learned to love both.

Parts 3&4: Graphics & Story

"The Good, The Average, and the Occasionally Fugly..." & "The Future Of Our Past Is Our Future" cover the ugly eyebrows, stunning loot, plugging and asking WTF is the goblin man?

Parts 5&6: Gaming Crack & Rabbit Holes

“Loot Sweets! Loot Sweets! The playable, craveable treats!” & "Classes, Skill Trees and... Ethics?" covers loot junkies, spreadsheet whores, loot physicality as well as the classes, fatalistic skill trees and some terribly random song/film references (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang case in point).

There's also a section about what I think about all the crap that the game and its developers have had to endure over the title's development. So tell me how you feel about my words. ;)

Please let me know how you feel and whether you are for or against Too Human.

Cheers. TWODOGSz. :)
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look at my blurb. lol

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I already commented on your articles on TWO.

Everybody here should read these, they're really great.

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That was a wonderful read and I thank you.

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Good stuff, hope more people read it, and can enjoy the game becasue of it.

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You still excited/addicted?

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Good read. Thumbs up _b

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