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It seems as though Too Human has gotten the update everyone wanted.

I played Too Human last night, died and saw the Valkyrie scene for the 150th time. However, I booted up my Too Human game, and it asked for an update...

I noticed that the menus are much slicker. It seems they optimized the menus. It no longer feels sluggish or slow.

Anybody notice anything else?

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yeah, I noticed I was playing online when the update came out, and I got signed out while in the world tree.  Somehow that made it so that every obelisk I found had an epic charm in it.  I had to stop playing as my commando for awhile until I could get somebody to help me move items around.  I had gotten like 10 epic charms in a matter of 5 minutes.  So if you ever get signed out while playing, I highly recommend visiting the world tree.

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