Too Human 2 Cancelled?

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I was just reminicing about Too Human and i was wondering, it's been almost 2 years since the game was released.  As we all know it got mixed reviews and didn't sell great so do you think M$ pulled the plug on the sequel?  If it's still in development then i'd think they would announce it by now. 
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I'd play Too Human 2.

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I hope not because we need a sequel to this

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The first Too Human was in development for 10 years, so a sequel is risky.

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The game actually did respectable numbers. I did hear that if they did a sequel MS would probably not be interested in publishing.

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I'd play a second one. The first reminded me of the old Alchemax stuff in 2099..which for me is a good thing.

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I'd play a second one for sure... but I can't see it happening. Even if the game sold "alright numbers" it's no where near what M$ expected/hoped I imagine.  
I still need to clean up the last 3 achievements I need in that game... 1 piece away from a full epic set is saddening... damn shoulders never dropped.

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That 'Video Thing' was awesome.....Gerstmann, Gerstmann ,Gerstmann...gotta love him.  Anyway, I wish SK would make the trilogy like was originally planned.  But they went dark shortly after release of TH, and never even followed up on any DLC.  Last I saw they only sold 350k.  Sadly, not enough to support the sequels it appears.  I thoroughly loved Too Human, one of my all-time fav games on the 360, but it sure sparked loads of hate, much of which was caused by some incredibly moronic PR...lookin at you DD.
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@NoDeath: Fuck. YES!
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@Jedted said:
@Zenaxzd said:
Come on guys, really?
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Too Human, Too cancelled

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@luce said:
" Too Human, Too cancelled "
This thread is over
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@EvilTwin: In their defense, Microsoft was known, at least for a time, for refusing to let developers give away DLC for free, since they can't take a percentage of $0.00.
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Well, Silicon Knights has to have been working on something for the past two years. Why not 2 Human? They claimed to have had some good ideas for the sequel, and the game didn't do all that badly, so i'd expect a new game announcement some time soon.

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@Zenaxzd said:

"I still need to clean up the last 3 achievements I need in that game... 1 piece away from a full epic set is saddening... damn shoulders never dropped. "

Me too, that full Aesir armor achievement is the last one for me.  Got everything but the boots and i'm starting think the game hates me and doesn't want me to get em. :( 
What really kills me is i wanted to see where the story was going as i really like their take on Norse Mythology.  There's also some of the gameplay elements, like cyberspace "puzzles", could be elaborated upon a lot in the sequel. 
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I did not like Too Human at all.  in fact I hated it... 

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@luce said:
"Too Human, Too cancelled "

LOL, i didn't think that when i posted this thread but that's great! 
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Too Human was a poorly constructed game in my opinion, though there were a few redeeming factors such as the setting.

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Too Human went through a rough development. People don't mention that it went through3-4 consoles switches and total redesigns in gameplay. I think people forget that sometimes. Have you ever even seen what the game used to look like? Wayyyyy different. You can't blame them for taking so long when they had so many ideas scrapped and engines thrown away. Not to mention the whole Unreal thing.  

I'm actually getting a Demo'ns Souls vibe from it... 
Silicon Knights is a good developer, you can't base them off of Too Human (Which I still think is an awesome game). If they were given a chance to take the awesome setting from Too Human and improve on the gameplay Too Human 2 would be amazing.
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I really hope it's not cancelled, but I think that there would have been some sort of announcement from somebody (MS, SK, or whoever may be their new publisher if MS dropped Too Human) that it was coming if it really was.

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it looked almost just like tron

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Lord knows Activision would probably pick the game up if Microsoft no longer wanted it.

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Hope it ain't cancelled, but I'm not holding my breath.

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E3 or it'll never happen.

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I think those of you anticipating a Too Human sequel will like some of the news coming out of  over the last week, particularly the news that SK intends to publish their next game themselves.     
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@EvilTwin said:

" @Jedted said:

@Zenaxzd said:
Come on guys, really? "
Glad to see I'm not the only one who sees that as childish.

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