Too Human GT Review

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I'm about to watch it now. I'm letting it load first(I'm watching it in HD).

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Finished watching it. Pretty accurate and fair IMO.

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If this isn't completely torn apart for several reasons by tomorrow, I'll do it then. Even detractors of the game should see some ludicrous fallacies if they know anything about it >.>

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Won't load... I am guessing it's a 6 or something. MAX a 7 by GT.

Probably a 6. something.

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Sentry said:
"Won't load... I am guessing it's a 6 or something. MAX a 7 by GT.

Probably a 6. something."
It was a 6.5
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Yeah, thought so, GT is pretty predictable. ;p

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hey where is the playstation symbol in the cats eye?

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How many damn times must I explain this fiasco... DX

Ok, I have many different versions of this eye avatar, some are red, green, playstation logo in them, clan logo in them, etc. When I was on a playstation forum (and the playstation blog) I used the playstation eye, when I came here I didn'tcare much so I just used the one I was using at the playstation forums, since the other ones wouldn't work because they were too small, or something.

Then I finally got a way to make the other versions larger so I could use them... phew.

PS- Click  the 'see mini bio' button above... it's not a cat.

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Seems pretty right on to me. Too Human's not a terrible game, but a let down on what it was hyped to be.

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