Unlocking All The Classes In The Demo

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I don't know if you guys were aware of this, but you can play as all 5 classes in the demo.  It really gives a better idea of how the game will play.

First off, you can select the Berserker or Commando using one of two methods:

1 - Move to the class of your choice.  Mash the A button quickly and tap the stick towards the Champion.
2 - Set your Xbox 360's date to 2009, and disconnect from Live.  This will unlock Commando & Berserker by default.

Then, if you use method #2 above, you can the use method #1 to select the remaining two locked classes.

Try them out!  It's alot of fun.  I enjoyed Commando the most.

Also, don't forget to try new camera angles with the D-pad.


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#2 Posted by ShiroMe (141 posts) -

Thanks man. The Commando sounds like the coolest to me too.

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#3 Posted by Gargantuan (1903 posts) -

Doesn't setting you date to 2009 unlock Berserker and Commando? it does for me. My favourite Class is Defender, just cause I love hammers and defenders will probably get the coolest armour. :D I tried the Commando but didn't like him, but that's probably because I don't like ranged weapons and mages in RPGs.

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#4 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

Wow, I had no idea! I wanted to try out Defender. Maybe I'll download the demo again.

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#5 Posted by Vaxadrin (2319 posts) -

You're right, Berserker and Commando!  I knew it had 3 E's in it and ended in "er".

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#6 Posted by SSbabel (1216 posts) -

True had no idea you could do that, cheers.

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#7 Posted by Deusoma (3221 posts) -

All I did was download the demo, and I can choose Champion and Berserker. Hmmm...

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#8 Posted by IncredibleBulk92 (949 posts) -

Wow awesome, really wanted to try those 2 exact classes Defender and Commando, gonna got ry that now, thats man

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#9 Posted by Iszdope (48 posts) -

Berserker kicks ass.

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#10 Posted by fryedrycestyle (243 posts) -

Did not know this. Been wanting to try the other classes. Thanks for the info!

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#11 Posted by pause422 (6318 posts) -

Ah,was the direction of the champion the thing I was forgetting .. I kept hearting just push it to the "left" only,and for certain classes it never seemed to work. I'll have to give it another try,thanks for the help.

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#12 Posted by shadowjak (474 posts) -

Thanks for the info! Glitches ftw.

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#13 Posted by C4libursEdgE (73 posts) -

The info is good, i found that unlocking and playing all classes gave me an insight into what each class plays like and weather it changes from one to the other and im happy with all the classes =D

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#14 Posted by SuicideFLip (40 posts) -

Yea, I just tested it for a bit and it seems like you do have to flick left and press A, not right.

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#15 Posted by Vaxadrin (2319 posts) -

I think it's just done by mashing A and then flicking the stick towards an unlocked class so the game thinks you've chosen a class that's unlocked, but whatever the variable is for your class selection hasn't caught up with the interface, so it picks a class that should be locked.

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#16 Posted by nastybutler (73 posts) -

Or you can just wait and now all the classes are unlock in the demo because it was just a timed thing 

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#17 Posted by Psynapse (1084 posts) -

Woo hoo or you can buy the game!!

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