banned8921's Too Human (Xbox 360) review

Too human is a bad rpg.

This game sucks because I hate the fact that it takes place in the future I want to kill a monster with an axe in a cave with a torch.  I also hate when I play this I cant stop thinking about Dennis dyacks whiny face I try to enjoiy the game but I keep hearing him crying about how he thinks the unreal engine screwed him over.... no one else complained. so i cant enjoy the game because dennuis dyacks a whiner.

Posted by Kazz1896

Worst review I have ever read!  It reads like an 8 year old wrote it.  Please keep your retarded review too yourself next time............Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lockload

This is not a review just some adolescent whiner almost certainly from neogaf

Posted by Jayge_

You realize it takes place in the past, right?

You're pretty pathetic. Sorry. Pass an English class, how about?

Posted by banned8921

Whoa dennis how many accounts did you make to spam my review.

Posted by TouchMyBox

You call Denis a "whiner" yet you come across as being whiny yourself. If you're not gonna take the time to write a real, objective review, don't write anything at all. You're just mucking up Giant Bomb.

Posted by Dryker

Whatever dude. Keep wasting people's time.

Posted by Dryker

This needs to be taken off. Mods? Anyone?

Posted by Ross

Wow go back to nap time, eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich and next time make a useful contribution to the site.

Posted by banned8921

when am i gonna get my emmy nomination for this review?

Posted by Dryker
Posted by mrfluke

the prick of giantbomb has arrived

Posted by Milkman

Strange how you go on and on about only owning a PC and then you review a Xbox 360 game...Hmmm....I wonder....

Posted by Mexalen

wow... a review should help people considering if they want to buy the game or not. What you wrote would be a sucky blog-post and is an even suckier review.

Well done, hater. i didn't know that 100 words are so few...
Posted by atejas
"I want to kill a monster with an axe in a cave with a torch"
Haha oh wow.
Posted by Jayge_

Seriously dude. You're retarded.

Posted by Demilich

LOL. Oh god this Levio guy is full of laughs.

Posted by banned8921

I was just trying to see if i get more comments on a good or bad review.

Posted by RHCPfan24

Looking at this review now, wow. It is great. This should be in a time capsule. I am not kidding when I say this one is hilarious. I am going to recommend this one for kicks.

Posted by natetodamax

This is pathetic.

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