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Like an OK looking girl that gives really good head

At first glance Too Human might not look like much.  Read the reviews for it and it looks like even less.  Those are the unfortunate things the game has going against it, because it is a highly addictive game that rewards you with every play through.

I finished the game in 11.5 hours and was a level 27 Champion and I am now at level 43 and about 22 hours in.  I plan on finishing the main storyline at least one more time with another class and of course getting my Champion to level 50.

Words cannot express how utterly addicted I am to this game, I have completely overlooked anything negative I once had towards it and replaced it with total admiration.  Kind of like that average looking girl in High School that none of your friends put much stock in, but you kinda thought was hot in a weird way, only to then realize she gives the best cone ever.

That's what Too Human is.

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Very good review...ugh the title...

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