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I agree with almost everyone's opinions regarding Too Human's short comings.  The game is definitely flawed, though mostly in its sense of pace.  It never seems like you can get a "quick" session of Too Human in.  The game certainly requires a good chunk of your time to get anything done.  The death animation of the Valkayrie coming down to rez your character becomes a moment worthy of my classic "console power down" maneuver.  As everyone knows, the game scales the enemies you face to your level, but it doesn't stop there.  They are also increased in numbers as well as types.  Polarity enemies (which are enough of a headache individually) make up a good 40% of the mobs you face post level 50.  Also, those annoying bastards that shoot missiles at you not only have their number of missiles increased, they add polarity (mainly fire) every so often almost tripling the damage done.

Having gotten the negative out of the way first, lets move on to what Too Human does right.  Can you say loot?  This game has a megafreakin' ton of it.  Organizing, equipping and salvaging your loot becomes a mini-game of its own.  The only time the loot becomes a real issue is in co-op.  I usually tell the friend I'm playing with that they aren't allowed to equip items until the end of a level.  You will upgrade your items constantly during your first playthrough, so stopping every 30 seconds to have your co-op partner equip their newly acquired Blade of the Undying Agony or Staff of the Unwilling Cherry Tree Thunderbolt (the random item/enemy name generator makes for a few unintentional laughs) gets to be a bit agonizing.  Again this goes back to pacing.

So why Druxk are you giving this game a 4 star review after all the flaws you pointed out?  Because this game, despite all its struggles, keeps focus on the most important "pro" a gamer is looking for...IT"S FUN!!!

Posted by Dryker

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