war77machine's Too Human (Xbox 360) review

Too Human does somethings right but a few issues hold it back.

Too Human is a unique game in it's own way, it encorporates an hack and slash feel to the combat, while the environment is of a RPG quality in a wonderfully, beautiful setting of Norse Mythology. You play as Baldur, son of ODIN and member of the Aesir, who are a group of Gods sent by ODIN to protect mankind. The basic storyline is that there's a traitor in the ranks and you have to investigate exactly what happened, by going to these different places.

The gameplay in Too Human is enjoyable, in the way that you bounce from one enemy to another, hacking your way through a crowd of enemies using the right analog stick or just simply blasting them apart by using your special Ruiner (RB Button) and Battle Cry (X Button) attacks. Baldur may also flick an enemy up in to the air and beat them to a pulp. Your character has different combos at his disposal using both of the analog sticks. As you kill enemies you level up your character and you gather loot to develop your own personal look on Baldur. Gaining levels gives you access to better armour, weapons, runes and charms.

The five classes are the Bioengineer, Commando, Champion, Defender and Berserker. All of these classes have their own direction in the Skill Tree, which you use to determine which special bonuses, you want your character to have. But you can choose a different way in the Skill Tree, to make your character different from an average one. Some key issues with the gameplay is that when you die in combat, you are forced to watch a cutscene showing a Valkyrie coming down from the heavens, picking up your corpse and carrying it up into the sky. This cutscene does get quite irritating after a while. During a level, Baldur will have to enter cyberspace using a well, which are dotted throughout all the levels. When in Cyberspace, your character will have to complete a small task that, for example, opens a locked door in the real world. These are okay but they could have been implemented better in to the gameplay.

Silicon Kinghts have pulled off the graphics extremely well, though there are some technical issues, for instance: When Valkyrie picks you up, his/hers/it's feet go through the floor, which makes it look quite unpolished, like some of the other aspects of the game. The general look of the Norse period is very nice to look at and the characters look pretty amazing in my opinion.

The audio is rather quite good and SK made sure that they backed up the great graphics with some realistic audio. But the same can't  be said for the voice acting, to say the least it's quite stale and you don't feel connected to the character, until right at the end when the game has nearly finished.

Too Human has cooperative multiplayer, where you can play through the campaign with a friend and swap loot with each other. Although you can't watch cutscenes in multiplayer, it's nice to have this mode.

Overall, Too Human is a success in some ways, but in others it falls on it's face. With a couple graphical glitches and gameplay issues. These problems hold Too Human back from being a great game.

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