chaingangsoldier's Too Human (Xbox 360) review

The bad severely outnumbers the good

  • Combat is fun when not ruined by camera
  • Cutscenes are well presented

  • Camera is terrible
  • Levelling up system is bad
  • Story is uninteresting
  • The same death animation over and over again gets really old
  • Could be a better health system, die way to much
  • Character voices are mediocre at best
  • Bosses aren't fun at all


Cutscenes are presented very well. The camera is absolutely terrible. Menus could be better sorted. 



Character models are pretty good, aswell as the environment. Really no complaints here.



Can be pretty fun. The camera ruins it half the time. The bosses are really not fun at all. Could use a better health system, you will die quite a lot, and when you do you have to sit through the same 15 second boring death animation.



Gun and sword sound effects sound nice. Voice acting and everything else are mediocre.


Lasting Appeal

Not sure if the average person will even be able to finish the game once without getting bored.



Worth a rent at best.

Overall Score: 2/5

Posted by Dryker

Sounds like you died a lot. You probably didn't take the time to learn how to play. Just winging it won't cut it with Too Human. And your average user seems to be enjoying it, if you use the vast majority of user reviews as an example.

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