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Vastly missunderstood...

I'm going to start off this review by doing something I don't normally like to do... tell you the negatives.  Too Human sometimes gives you the feeling of being a bit of a "Frankenstein" type of game, almost as if you can feel how long this game was in development.  Graphically its pretty but it doesn't wow, I'm still trying to figure out how exactly some of my "charms" work and sometimes you do wish that there was more to do other than cripple room after room of enemies, I'd even take a backtracking fetch quest.  Also, the game can be buggy in spots, although I've never fallen through the floor like some have claimed, I have gotten hung up in some areas and need to try and wedge my way out. 

Alas, what is Too Human...? I'll tell you exactly what it is, It's the stand-up with your big guns, bring the pain, mess with the best and you'll die like the rest ass kicking romp of my 2008.  The game is just so fun to play in its most primal design.  There are times when I play this game that I feel like I'm a mouse constantly pushing the lever for some more cheese.  Folks, you are a complete badass when you play this game.  You begin the main story as Baldur (you choose on of 5 classes, only biomed can heal themselves), a futuristic/cybernetic retelling of a Norse god who clearly commands respect when he walks in the room.  You are thrust into a heavy conflict of mystery, murder and pain (which despite what some others have said, the story is quite good) that spans 5 very long levels of full out battle.  The action is fast, fluid and deep.  You glide or slide from one enemy to the next, popping them in the air with either, Hammer, Sword, or Staff and then dispatching one after another with either said weopon or a host of varying firearms.  I can honestly say that little else this gen has given me the feeling of satisfaction of walking into a room, popping off 40 different enemies in completely different ways and walking through the next door untouched.  You just can't get enough of it.  It's strategy lies within its combat and how you'll manage each horde with skill and precision.  Don't get me wrong the game is very difficult in spots, almost to the point of wondering if anyone could truly master some areas with out dieing a few times.  Dieing is a love it or hate it event.  When you die you watch a 15 second cut scene of a Valkyrie descending from the heavens to take you away, it then restarts you where you were and all enemies still have the same damage you inflicted before you died.  Some think this is a hokey way to deal with death in the game as it really offers no penalty, I personally think that it doesn't take away one Ioda of fun from the game and almost challenges you to stay on your feet for as long as you can.  Anyway, did it bother you that much in Bioshock? if so you know what to expect. 

The other glorious thing about the Too Human crack pipe is its loot system.  The game is all about loot.  Hidden pillars, secret rooms, cyber wells, enemy bodies, anywhere you can find it you horde it and continue to trick out your Baldur in some pretty cool looks and weapons.  The looting flows nicely with the 50 experience levels and as I'm finding out now on my level 40 Baldur, the weapons and armor are starting to really get exciting.  I also give Silicon Knights props for their Blueprint system of weapon creation.  I like being able to collect pieces of things and create them on the fly rather than have to wait to complete a level and go to the one shop in the game. 

Multiplayer is another bright spot for the game and while I don't agree that the game was built entirely with Muliplayer in mind, it does go part in part with the single player like PB and J.  Two online take on the game from front to back (with no cut scenes or story to speak of...booo) and encounter many different enemies depending on their skill and level.  Playing the first level as a level 5 in single player is very different than playing it with two level 40's.  The difficulty is obviously ramped up.  Hopefully, SK will offer some patch to allow both online to enjoy the game and its cutscenes together as it should be.  Lastly, if your an Achievement whore, you'll be very happy after one playthrough of this game.  You rack up points very fast.

So, what is Too Human...? If you go into it expecting out of this world triple A everything, than shame on you, but if you go into this and allow the folks at Siliconon Knights to present you with a nice beginning (and ending) of the first part of a trilogy, along with ripping non stop seat of your pants action, coupled with looting galore, mixed with a twist of damn fine multiplayer, then your going to be a very happy god.  Don't get too hung up on some of these reviews, this game is worthy of a buy...

Posted by darthzew

It doesn't look like I'll be getting this one.... Anyway, nice review and it's good to see people with different opinions out there. Too Human seems to be a very "love it or hate it" game and most seem to hate it, unfortunately. 

Posted by Dryker
Posted by ColMustard

I do understand where your coming from zew, 60 bucks doesn't grow on trees, but I cant agree with most of these "professional" reviews.... The game is really good.  I can see a logical review going anywhere from 7.0 (if the games shortcomings really bother you) to a 9.5 ( if your Denis Dyacks mother). I'm no fanboy of the game and I originally started my review at a 4 star moved it after writting the review because, if games are supposed to be based on their fun and intent, Too Human excells at both. 

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