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Too Human: a perfect example of internet overreaction.

Ok so I "finished" this yesterday.

It's a really tough one to call because there are things that annoy me in the game and I'll come to those in a minute, but there is something incredibly compelling about it, maybe it's the constant loot or the frequent levelling up but I also find the combat to be really fun, as soon as you're in a groove sliding here there and everywhere, popping explosive enemies in to the air then quickly rolling away to avoid the inevitable explosion, it just makes you feel like a bad ass.

On the other hand it does have a fair few annoyances, but I found the things that irritated me in the game differed slightly to most reviewers.

First and foremost bosses (or at least one of them anyway), seriously if I make a melee focused character (Berserker) then I DO NOT want to be forced in to using guns which I am bloody awful with and have no training for to take down a boss, that is bad game design and it's a shame because if you are a melee focused character it makes one or two of the boss encounters a real pain in the ass and sucks quite a bit of fun out of them.

All the rest are minor niggles and it really depends on you if they piss you off enough to dismiss the game completely or just shrug your shoulders and keep on chopping up those robots.

The air combat is really fun and pulling off brutal finishers in mid air feels pretty damn awesome, what doesn't feel awesome however is when occasionally you land on enemies heads and sort of stay there for a few seconds, as I say it doesn't happen very often and it doesn't last very long (a couple of seconds at the most), to be fair the only reason I probably experienced it is because I used air combat so much.

Slowdown, again it doesn't happen very often, only in certain areas when it throws LOADS of enemies at you but it is there, I found the final chapter in Hel to suffer from it the worse (it's a very large area and the sheer amount of enemies the game throws at you in that chapter is insane) but again it's very minor and doesn't happen very often and even when it does it really isn't that bad.

As far as the camera and the controls are concerned I got over all that after flying through the demo 4 or 5 times and this, I think is the games biggest issue, it's different.

The camera works very well if you just leave it alone and let it do its thing, if it does pick a bad angle while you in the middle of a battle just hit LB and bam, it centres itself behind you.

As far as the controls are concerned I actually think they're good, the combat as I've said is really fun as soon as it "clicks". The stick is basically a replacement for the mouse, in an Action RPG like this one on a PC you'd be clicking on enemies constantly to move your character and prioritise the more lethal mobs and the Right Stick is used in exactly the same way in Too Human and I think it's a damn good idea, in fact I think I'll miss it when I play other Action RPGs on the 360 (Sacred 2 for example).

Overall I enjoyed Too Human and a lot of the claims about the game are, in my opinion unjustified (the graphics for example are really pretty in places). I think the fact that as soon as I finished the game I played through the first chapter again to try and get to level 30 and grab some more rare armour pieces says a lot.
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