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Bad control scheme+Confusing story=Too Human

    Too Human has went through a huge development cycle filled with all kind's of crazyness and shenanigans.Originally first it was supposed to be a PS1 game then that console died then it should be for the PS2, that console hasn't died but it's kinda broke it's hip and is in hospital at this time, then let's switch it around and go to Microsoft!So now, it's got a real console that it's launching for, the Xbox 360!And finally after 10 years this garbage is here!Now Too Human isn't as bad as something like Fable Pub Games(Sorry, just wanted to point that out.)but it's a long way from being the game that after 10 years of development you'd expect.Let's start off with some of the good things(Very limited).One of the good thing's is the great loot.From loads of armor and funny interesting looking swords, this game has a huge variety of crazy loot.The armor look's very detailed in design.Also, the story isn't absolutely abysmal.But it's still incredibly tough to understand and when you do finally understand it, it still kinda sucks.Now at this point I usally say something that was actually really goo about the game and I'm seriously sitting here trying to think of something that is really good about this game and I just can't think of anything so I guess it's time to talk about the bad things.Everything except the loot and armor/sword design.The combat is really repetitive.You just flick your right analog stick a few times and that little thing is dead.But sometimes the enemies shoot rockets!So then you will have to shoot them more than once or twice, OMGWTFBBQ!(A great transition)These enemies have incredibly bad AI(Talking about the rocket enemies).If you just walk up to them after they frequently shoot rockets they kinda just stand there like idiots.The graphics are pretty poor looking.This game looks similar to something you'd probably see on the PS2 and like Jeff Gerstmann pointed out, there are a lot of small bug's that annoy me.Like your sword not touching your body and stuff.The cut-scenes are pretty beautiful but when you die and that damn little thing has to come down and heal you and everything, you can't skip it so it's just incredibly boring to watch and after a while you realize they put that in there just to give you some time punch a wall or hit a friend.Next I'd have to talk about the controls.Now using RT and LT to fire the gun is OK and is kinda convenient but using the analog stick to control the sword?Who the hell came up with that sad idea.No, let's not be normal and use the right analog stick to control the camera let's make it control the
Single Player:1 Star

Multiplayer:The co-op is another one of those things that are surprisingly not that bad.It's really hard to know the story though during co-op so if your gonna play co-op you need to beat the game first if you really want to understand the story.There is really no lag so it is kinda an OK feature on Too Human
Multiplayer:3 stars

Re-play value:Too Human has a mediocre level of re-play value because there might be people out there that actually enjoy playing co-op with friends or just want to load up on all that loot.
Re-play value:2 stars

End It!All-in-all this is a pass.I was kinda thinking about saying to rent it if your friend has it and want's to play co-op with you, but still pass on it.It's a poor game that could have easily have been so much better.
Final Score:2 Stars


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