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The Task List (located in the center column, with the tool's options located on the right)

The Garry's Mod Tool Gun is an all-in-one gadget that can do whatever the player's heart desires (provided, of course, they have installed the addon correctly) The model is designed to look like the gun stock for a magnum-type weapon, with a battery-powered screen and other unknown time-and-space-bending-items attached. 
The model is seen for any option and task that the player selects from the model select screen. When fired, it lets out a beam of light/static electricity at the whatever it points at (ground, wall, a spawned object/ ragdoll) and performs the selected task. 




Constraint tools are used for making in-game contraptions; from simple pendulums to complex vehicles and focus more on the physics aspect.
  • Axis
Welds two things together, allowing them to move on an axis.
  • Ball Socket
Creates a ball socket between two entities.
  • Elastic
Constrains props/ragdolls by attaching them to a customizable elastic cord.
  • Hydraulics
Constrains objects with a variable length.
  • Motor
Welds two objects together in a way that allows them to rotate on an axis automatically.
  • Muscle 
Constraints objects with a variable length.   
  • Nail
Nails objects to each other or to other surfaces.
  • Pulley
Creates a pulley system between two objects using a rope.
  • Rope
Spawns a rope between two entities.
  • Slider
Constraints two objects on a sliding axis.
  • Weld
Solidly welds two objects together with a customizable force limit.
  • Winch
Contraints two objects using a winch.


While some having other uses, construction tools are primarily used for building structures and contraptions.
  • Balloons
Spawns balloons to be used as props or part of a makeshift flying machine.    
  • Buttons
Makes buttons that can be 'wired' to perform certain tasks.
  • Duplicator
Copies one, or more than one, entitie and can be placed somewhere else. Can save whatever copy is one hand for later use.
  • Dynamite
Spawns dynamite for massive, customizable, damage.
  • Emitter
Spawns an object than can emit several particle effects, including blood splatter and sparks.
  • Hover-Ball
Spawns an orb than can lift objects off the ground.
  • Ignite
Sets anything pointed at on fire, including some NPCs.
  • Keep Upright
Keeps an object upright at almost anytime.
  • Lamps
Spawns a 'lamp' with several customizable lighting effects.
  •  Light
Spawns a lightbulb with adjustabl properties.
  • Magnatise
Gives objects magnetic properties.
  • No Collide
Allows one, or a group of, props to 'noclip' through each other.(except walls, floors, and other natural map barriers.)
  • Physical Properties
Changes the physical properties of an object (ex: allows metal objects to have the properties of wood or flesh)
  • Prop Spawner
Changes an object to allow it ability to make copies of itself.
  • Remover
Removes entities from the in-game world.  
  • Thruster
Attaches thrusters to stuff, allowing them to be propelled at the user's command.
  • Turret
Attaches a turret to an object, allowing them to shoot things.
  • Wheel 
Attaches wheels to an object.


Poser tools work with 'ragdolls' to change certain aspects.
  • Eye Poser
Changes the direction a radoll looks at. Right-clicking makes the ragdoll 'look' at the player.
  • Face Poser
    Example of "Eye" and "Face" posers. (lol, wtf)
Poses the mouth postions, amoung other things, on a ragdoll's face.
  • Finger Poser 
Poses the fingers on the individual hands of a ragoll.
  • Inflator
Inflates a certain part of a ragdoll.
  • Statue
Turns the ragdoll into a single mass, allowing it to be moved without compromising the positions of the individual limbs. (Until the ragdoll is 'unfrozen') 


Render tools have the power to... um.... render. These tools are used for special effects and additional details for screenshots or machinimas.
  • Cameras
Spawns a camera, which can be looked through by the player (or moved around with the  Physgun.)
Examples of "Material" (far left) and "Colour" (far right) applications.
  • Colour
Changes the color, or opacity, of an object.
  • Material
Changes the texture of an object.
  • Paint
Places decals and other designs (wounds, burn marks) on an object.
  • RT Camera
Captures real-time footage to be sent back to a 'monitor' or to an object set up with the "RT Camera" material.
  • Trails
Makes an object release a trail of particle effects when moved. 

Additional Tools

Since Garry's Mod is an open-source program Lua communities have written additional tools to be used in-game. Many of these tools have become popular enough to be considered as staple since they allow for easier rendering or construction.  
    • Advanced Duplicator
    • Advanced Spawner
    • Smart Weld
    • Prop Resizer
    • Skin Switcher
    • Door (s)tool
    • Paint Remover
    • Unbreakable
    • NPC Control
    • Sensor Tool
    • Ladder Tool
    • Crate Maker
    • Wire Mod

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