E3 2011: Top Gun: Hard Lock Trailer

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edit: finally...

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why not

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"Hard Lock" does not seem like something you would want to call your video game.

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@Slaker117: I got a raging hard lock right now. My laptop froze badly.

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Didn't they do this already?

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"Highway" cover ruined the moment....

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Time to kick the tires and light the fires!

Don't like the remixed music, but game looks ok.

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@Slaker117 said:
"Hard Lock" does not seem like something you would want to call your video game.
Hard Lock is perfect for Top Gun.  Not as perfect as "Swordfight!" but you know...
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Volleyball or no deal.

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@Seraphim84 said:

Didn't they do this already?

Yup. I call for nuke of this release as "ancient".

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I could totally get behind this game. I'll even look past the fact that it's starring an aircraft that has been retired for almost five years.

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" That's right! Ice...man. I am dangerous"

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This is going to be a donwloadable title isn't it cause it looks like a downloadable.

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Welcome to the danger zone!

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@nan0fear said:

" That's right! Ice...man. I am dangerous"

Best line in the movie

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God i hope there a volley ball mini game, no wait....horse riding, definitely horse riding.

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Great Balls of Fire

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I was really into the Top Gun game on Playstation.  I'm getting all nostalgic  
The live video cut scenes were awesome!!!

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Awesome, I'm a big fan of really shitty covers of Danger Zone and the Top Gun anthem.

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@Sharpshooter said:

This is going to be a donwloadable title isn't it cause it looks like a downloadable.

The PC logo is the DVD logo. So, it looks like it might be a full retail release.

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That's a negative, Ghostrider.  The pattern is full.

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They just made a Top Gun game. Is this really where we're at now? Movies from the 80s are now becoming video game franchises today?

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Can I fly upside down and give enemy aircraft the finger?

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@Lokno said:

Volleyball or no deal.

LMFAO x2 /flex
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Dunno what to expect but at least the MIGs are real ones not F-5s painted black like in the movie :)    
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is the framerate on this cg kind of shitty or is that an effect?

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Have to say that the trailer did not take..my..breath..away DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAA DA DA DA

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Since the Nes adaptation, they've continued releasing new versions of the game year after year, console after console..

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Is there a volleyball scene/minigame in this game? What about a karaoke one?

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Hard Lock seems like the worst thing to name your game.

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Do they enter the danger zone in this game?

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Take my breath away.

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