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Tennis: Hardcore Edition 0

I love tennis. And seeing as Top Spin has been my tennis franchise of choice since 2003, I was certainly excited to see what the new installment would bring to the table. What I got, however, was radically different from anything I could have expected. While the Top Spin franchise has always been more focused on creating a realistic tennis simulation when compared to its competition, Top Spin 3 takes that idea to a whole new level. Top Spin 3 is a great tennis simulator, but just might be too ha...

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Top Spin 3 isn't easy, but it sure is good. 1

Summer is finally here and with it comes another season of tennis, as the pros take to the courts to amaze and delight us. It's also the perfect time for game companies to release their take on the sport, for those of us who enjoy playing tennis with a controller instead of a racket. Top Spin 3, from publisher 2K Sports and developer Pam Development, is the third game in the Top Spin series and the only tennis game scheduled for this summer. Unlike other games from other publishers before it, T...

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Rewarding. But Is It Worth The Time Investment Needed? 2

How brave have PAM Development been in releasing Top Spin 3? Not only have they risked alienating their followers, who fell head-over-heels for Top Spin 3's two predecessors, but also possibly turning away casual gamers, who will perhaps be more drawn towards Sega's Virtua Tennis 3. I am of the male gender, which means I don't like being told what to do. By anyone. Ever. But everyone needs to head straight to 'Top Spin School', because while this is still a Tennis game, it certainly challenges p...

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not bad... but not good either 0

As a lover of REAL tennis, and a lover of the wii, Topspin tennis was like a dream for me; real characters, real graphics, and an innovative use of the wii remote. Unfortunately, the Nintendo need to dumb down every single game that it makes destroyed all but one of my hopes for the game. The real characters were shot, seeing how they made irrelevant player choices  (No Nadal? No Djocovic? Caroline Wozniacki??? who the heck is Caroline Wozniacki?) . The graphics were more worthy of a revamped wi...

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Top spin 3 is the the best tennis sim of 2008 0

When purchasing this i thought it would just be an graphical update of top spin 2, but i was pleasantly surprise when it was so much more.  The graphics are fantastic with the different court types looking pristine and the character models spot on to there real life counterparts. The game play improves on the previous installment with the new control mechanic which make for a more realistic feel. The career mode offers  alot of variety from the junior level to being a legend, you can visit the s...

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Great tennis sim if you have the time 0

Top spin 3 is a game which requires the player to know the controls for the game to become enjoyable. Lets start with the graphics, the player models are great and really detailed so they look like tennis players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick to name a few. The animations for each character are well done as each tennis player has their own style at which they swing to hit the ball with. Another thing great about this game exhaustion system. As a match progress or the pla...

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Big lack of variety not worth playing. 0

Game play: I've played this game on the xbox 360 and i have to say that the graphics were impressive the gameplay was fun but long and there were a lot of unlockables to choose from. But on the wii version most of the things got taken away like instead of making your own player you can't you have to choose a pro player and start playing tournaments with pro players there are no player creator. There is no customisation for the players. You start with easy tournaments and it gets harder as you pr...

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Top Spin 3 Review 0

  Instead of running up to a shot with the proper face button held and watching the stroke animation carry out as you would in the past, Top Spin 3 forces a more realistic approach. Now you'll not only have to worry about getting your athlete, who now moves with increased inertia, to the ball but you'll also need to time the release of the shot button with the swing. The game lets you know when you've completed a solid hit with a small vibration, and while it may sound simple enough, the many ...

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Take it onto the court 1

Top Spin returns to the court in its third edition of the game and possibly it's at it's very best. Video games have come along way since the very first "tennis" type game Pong. Now  we have fully immersive 3D courts and stunning  high definition graphics that look fantastic, but how does Top Spin 3 fare?The roster in the game includes most of the Worlds top players, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal (PS3 only) and Maria Sharapova among others, the absence of some of the current top ranked p...

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Pretty Good 0

Well i don't know what it is but for some reason i quite like this game, im not a big sports game fan but have always had a soft spot for tennis games but there are a few problems.The first being when you start and create a character it's just i a bit hard to get a hang of and i had to make 2 -3 players until i was happy with it not being a freak, secondley is difficulty i know this game is harder than a normal tennis game, but you seem to hit a wall of not advancing and it just seems like your ...

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