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Vamos Rafa, i mean Virtua Davis

After playing this games for almost a month i definitely can tell this that top Spin 4 is for hardcore Tennis fans. Having the option to slice, top spin, shot, lob and volley with different timing definitely tell that this game is way deep.  
As someone that has played tennis since the age and played several junior tournament back in the day (well the last one was in 2001) I can say that tennis is as mental as physical. This game aces that, in a way that you can choose in being defensive (Nadal), aggresive (Fed) and neutral (Djokovic).  
I wish Top Spin 4 had better graphics though, maybe the Unreal engine is getting old...still there some players missing; Del Po, Soderling, Verdasco, Clisjerts, Justine Henin (even she retired), Venus W., Johnny Mac and Jimmy Connors. 
Some of the players animations tend to be a bit repetitive; roddick looks crazy like actually is and Fed looks as composed as ever. but Djoko doesn't bounce the ball or Murray look a little bit dry.  
If it would be nice if they were some mini-games to ease the career for the noobs (as generic as Virtua Tennis is, they could take some pointers on those wacky mini-games, chicken eggs really...).  Also wouldn't mind a challenge system either (some of the balls look way to out)
Online mode is kinda fun but it has a little bit of lag and i would love some matchmaking on your current level or stats; like a Nadal type of player (counterpuncher) playing against a Federer/Roddick (pressure/agressive) type.
Last but not least I wish they had a commentator I would love to hear Brad Gillbert (my favorite), Darren Cahill or any of the Mconroe brothers... even if not that some random british commentator would do
Anyway, TP4 is definitely not for rookies, this game definitely catches the heart of those that watched a lot Tennis Channel or those that every Saturday morning play tennis at 8. a.m. ( . 
Can't wait for Top Spin 5!!!!

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