Anyone wanna go in on a four-pack of Torchlight 2?

#1 Posted by wemibelec90 (1885 posts) -

I kinda wanna pick up Torchlight 2 but am extremely limited in funds right now. Any money I can save would be great. I had the idea of trying to split the cost of a 4-pack on Steam thanks to the other post on the forums doing something similar. That would make it $15 a person instead of $20.

Would anyone be interested in this? It would require Paypal-ing money to me so I could make the overall purchase and then me sending you the game through Steam. It would be best if you are comfortable with PayPal and understand how to send money to another user.

If you want to try this out, PM me with your Steam ID you want the game on.

#2 Posted by Blommer4 (201 posts) -

Scams, all scams!

#3 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (853 posts) -

I wouldn't feel comfortable doing this i'm afraid.

#4 Edited by wemibelec90 (1885 posts) -

@Imsorrymsjackson: No worries to anyone who doesn't feel comfortable with this. PayPal does protect any money you send, so it is relatively safe.

I'm not some random guy on this site trying to rip people off. I just want to save a bit of money and help a few others save a bit too.

#5 Posted by DBrim (125 posts) -

I bet you could pick up the game for $10 (or even $5) if you wait until the Steam holiday sale.

#6 Posted by wemibelec90 (1885 posts) -

Okay, it's been about 24 hours with no PMs and people in the thread calling me a scammer. I'll just buy the game for full price.

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