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Had a chance yesterday to sit down and play Torchlight 2 for a few hours while i waited for a delivery to come in and although im not super far into the game i have fought maybe 3 boss type battles and although they where fairly challenging they all had a similar structure with one boss with a ton of HP and tons of infinitely spawning adds to deal with, im wondering if this is the case for most bosses in the game and please avoid spoilers.

this isn't be any means a criticism of the game, i really like it so far but im wondering if the bosses get more varied the deeper you go into the game

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This is actually my only complaint with the game. The boss battles have been really boring so far. They just soak up damage and take way too long to kill without really offering any sort of challenge. I really wish they would knock the bosses defenses down a bit just to speed up the process. As it stands, they only serve to take up more time, not test the players skill

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I'm only 7 or so hrs in and the bosses and mini bosses are starting to get more variables to deal with, especially in terms of attacks. They are still damage sponges but their attacks are more immediate and more leathal and I'm just touristing on normal, so the boss battles could be somewhat more involved on the higher diffs I spose.

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Yeah, the bosses do get tougher. It's very Diablo3 ish where you'll want to start recognizing attack patterns because the attacks get pretty devastating. They also throw in a few neat scenarios so the variety is fine IMHO.

Keep in mind that TL2 spikes in difficulty about mid to end of Act 2, so you won't just be auto-attacking on boss battles, even on normal.

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Alright, I spoke too soon. It only took about 10 minutes more of playing before coming across a tough boss fight. And then another one shortly after. I'm level 35 now and it was nice to finally feel some resistance from the game as well as more interesting encounters

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