Console not working in demo

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I was going to play around with the console in the demo, but I can't get it to work. I went into the settings file and changed the console attribute from 0 to 1, making sure I saved after, but it doesn't work. Just to clarify, I changed the settings while I was not playing the game. That is, I was not Alt+Tabbed out of the game and then changed it. I changed it and then started the game. However, when I go into the game, it doesn't work, and then when I went to check the settings file, it is changed back to a zero. I did this a few times, and yes, I made sure I saved each time and not just close the file or click save as instead. I can even reopen the file after I save and close it, and the console attribute is still 1, but once I start the game, it's like it changes back automatically. If I access it after closing the game, it is changed back. Does anyone know if the console is available in the demo, or is this just a glitch of some kind? On a side not, I did verify the local files just to make sure something wasn't corrupted, and it was all fine.

And please, to anyone that reads this, don't just call me a cheater. I would not go online and play with a cheat character, nor would I even play seriously through the game solo with a cheat character. It basically breaks the game, hence the word, "cheating". I just wanted to mess around and have a little fun, which, last time I checked, was the purpose of games. So please don't bother me with insults.

NOTE: I figured it out. The console commands do not work in the demo. I just went ahead and purchased the full version after finishing the demo and found that it works fine. The game is also good, and I would recommend it.

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