Examiner gives Torchlight II 5/5 review score

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"These are the hallmarks of the genre, and heavy hitters like Diabllo III and Borderlands 2(which puts its own FPS spin on the genre). But despite costing less than half as much as those titles, Torchlight IIexecutes them all to virtual perfection, and improves upon, expands, and refines them in its own charming and unique way."

This game is going to be awesome, loved the beta, can't wait to play through the full game, and then play through it again as a different character.

Also, Runic has posted the TL2 soundtrack, free of charge. Enjoy.

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I thought the examiner was the name of some tabloid.

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Thursday can't come soon enough! (not like I'm bored... school, Borderlands 2, and Guild Wars 2 are plenty to juggle) :D

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I am so fucking stoked for this! This game is going to show Blizzard how Diablo 3 should've been done.

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I'm so sick of threads dedicated to a certain outlet's review.

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Agreed. Shouldn't this all just be in one thread? If we list out each site's review score in a new thread we're going to have a ton of "This site gave this game a XX review..." posts.

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