Finally Picked up TL2

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Really enjoying this game. I loved the first one even when it became stale the mods certainly added fresh features and things to do. I wanted to purchase TL2 when it released yet school held me down. I finally buckled after being bored and find out the game runs on my laptop and love it. I am by no means finished I just started act 3 but really hoping they add some more patches or something. Kinda disappointing to see how dead it is and it's only been a few months. I suppose it doesn't have anything near the social aspects of a more expensive title but still loving every second of this.

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Unrelated. I'm following you because of your This Will Destroy You avatar.

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I got during the winter sales and finished it about a month ago and yea I really loved it one of my favorites from last year. Finished only one play through but I plan on going back to it sometime to try and get my character to 100 and maybe try out the other classes.

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I had pre-ordered the game on steam and got the first one for free. I played that and really enjoyed it. I bought Diablo 3 some months after, but a bunch of hours into that (around 100) and made a little bit of money off the real money auction house. I haven't touched that game in months.

When TL2 finally came out I only played the first act (same area as beta), started the 2nd act, and the Borderlands 2 came out and I never came back to it.

Maybe I should try to round up a group here on giant bomb and actually play it.

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It's a fun game; I especially like accumulating skill points and stat points and having them be there on every loading screen; an old habit from D2 and since the game waits quite a long time between tiered skill unlocks there's not really a reason to spend them all anyway.

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This game is really fun but i rarely have time to play it. I think I'm in the 2nd act where all the snow is at. Not sure how long i have to beat it but i'm assuming there's 4 acts like the first game had. Hopefully i've finally get some time to play it after the next week or so.

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I had a lot of fun with TL2 on my first playthrough. Would like to go back to it at some point and check out some of the mods people have made.

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