How many abilities do you actually use?

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I find there are so many abilities/skills, I don't have a good sense of how many I should be using. I feel like it's easy to spread skills too thin and pick up too many redundant abilities.

I'd be interested to know how people are solving this.

#2 Posted by Syndrom (406 posts) -

as a sword and board engi i primarily use flame hammer (the first you get) / shield bash/storm burst and overload. I also have one point in ember hammer for breaking shields. And the slowing and heal bot.

But yeah it's easy to get lost, but just pick stuff you like. Like i picked up fire bash and didn't like it so i just respecced that point.

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All the ones i have i use. But i also just don't go around putting points in every god damn box. But i have 5 skills i actively use in each encounter.

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I play a cannon build engineer using 9 skills. Blast Cannon is the only direct damage and the rest is bots and passives. I made a few characters before that one and tended to get lost with all the skills whenever the situation became stressful. So I decided to make a "Keep it simple, stupid" character, and it helped a lot.

I'm at the end of the story (Veteran) and have very few problems.

Though I think Berserker were more fun to play, may look into making an equally simple build with that class.

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I have a level 28 Berserker on elite. I only use 2 skills which are Shadow Burst for healing and Stormclaw for crowd control. All of my other skill points are used for passive skills (Blood Hunger, Shred Armor, Frenzy Mastery).

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I've got a level 21 Engineer and I have only put points into the forcefield, flamehammer, Heavy Lifting and Bulwark.

That said, I've not come across a single spell. What's up with that?

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@SensuousLettuce said:

I've got a level 21 Engineer and I have only put points into the forcefield, flamehammer, Heavy Lifting and Bulwark.

That said, I've not come across a single spell. What's up with that?

that's weird i have all my spell slots filled. Engi NG+ veteran

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Level 54 Berserker. I mostly use two spells (switch with tab) and occasionally 3 others that are cast by hitting a number (2 of which are buffs).

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Flame Hammer and Heal Bot. The rest are in passive skills. I'm only level 31, so that may change.

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I have a level 57 outworlder. As a rule, I prefer passive skills, so there are literally no extra skills on my hotbar beyond the potions. Otherwise I only use the initial ability that they out on the right mouse button, which they just nerfed, so I may need to invest actual points in abilities, because up until now the Gaige was devastating

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Level 22 engineer using great weapons using flame hammer, the stomp that slows and burns enemies, spider mines and force shield, i also use the gunbot and healing bot which i have upgraded to return mana to users, got a bunch of passives to generate charges and shields and the passive that increases attack speed, lately ive been putting points into the passive that heals you when you consume charges.

I find that while the setup is fairly complex to look at with 6 buttons for active skills, it works out fairly easy to run efficiently needing only the mouse buttons 1,2 and 3, woth 4 being my heal bot which stays up quite a while and 5 being my gunbot which is on a long cooldown, the rest of the work is being done by passives.

edit: also this build works great with sword and board when its required as none of the abilities require a 2 hander, only a melee weapon and the passive shield absorbs much more damage while you have the 1 hander and shield equipped because of the higher armor level

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Discovered Tremor. It's bad azz! Increases 10% damage taken to all enemies + other stuff. Really potent.

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