Is anyone else having problems with the game slowing down?

#1 Posted by redbliss (648 posts) -

For whatever reason, T2 will just slow down. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem or knows how to fix it.

#2 Posted by Megalon (1392 posts) -

It's been running smoothly for me for the 3 hours or so I've played. I've been going at it solo though, if you're playing with a friend or something maybe it's related to that? Assuming of course your system requirements are good for the settings you're playing on (not that this game requires too much).

#3 Posted by myketuna (1778 posts) -

I am having problems getting the game to even start. BSOD right out of the gate. Not sure what the deal is, but it seems like we represent the entire spectrum. One person has it running great, one has it running mediocre, and one has it not running at all.

#4 Posted by MildMolasses (3230 posts) -

I've had a couple of instances of the game stuttering, but nothing too bad. It's certainly much better than when similar things happened in D3 because at least this game doesn't keep running on a server somewhere causing me to die while my system catches up

#5 Posted by Morningstar (2266 posts) -

No problems here after 25 hours of playing the game.

#6 Posted by KillyDarko (1888 posts) -

I thought of giving my gaming PC a break and I've playing TL2 on this PC (it has an AMD Athlon 64 @ 2100 MHz processor and an ATI Radeon HD 3450 video card), and it's been just fine, thankfully, both on single player and co-op :)

#7 Posted by Ares42 (2845 posts) -

I've been having split-sec stutters right out of the gate.

#8 Posted by Loafsmooch (391 posts) -

@Ares42 said:

I've been having split-sec stutters right out of the gate.

I had that aswell on default settings.. Lowering the particle quality (or whatever it's called, maybe spell detail?) fixed that for me though.

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