Just got beta. Never played a game like this. Have questions.

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I finished downloaded the game a few minutes ago and everything seems to have patched up fine after a freeze. I'm going to play the game in a few hours, but I've never played a game in this genre or any game on the PC for that matter. Is the game going to assume I know things about PC gaming like setting up my own controls, adjusting settings, knowing how things work in the various menus, or anything like that? Do I need to read/watch guides on how the different character classes work?

I don't want to aimlessly fumble around with things the game assumes I should know so any help will be appreciated. If I can simply jump in and the game will tutorialize the important stuff for me then that's fine. Watching the Diablo stuff that Brad has been doing makes it seems like that game expects a lot from you so I don't know if this will be like that.

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You don't need to read/watch guides for characters. Hovering your mouse over the character upgrade screen will open a window that explains what each attribute does.

If you don't know the controls, just look in your settings. The controls are pretty simple for this game.

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I haven't played Torchlight 2 yet, but Torchlight 1 did a pretty good job of explaining everything. And I'm sure there'll be an easy mode you can play on for a while to get the hang of everything. I think you'll be A-Okay.

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Just try casual or normal and play how you like. Controls are set on default. Settings usually set best to match your machine. If it lags a bit, first take down shadow options a bit, then rest.

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If there is an easy mode and it will explain itself then I should be fine. Thanks for the input.

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this isn't dota2 or something crazy like that^^

just walk around, kill things by clicking on them. there really is hardly any game simpler than this (maybe Mario).

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