Mods worth using?

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So seeing as the first game actually gave you achievements for loading the game with mods, although I never used any of them, how is the mod community for TL2? I mean this game isn't Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines, it's not utterly broken and doesn't require them, right? Or are some parts of the game made infinitely better with certain mods? Or are these things on the level of all those Diablo II mods and are completely screwed up?

I've only really just started and currently playing as a lvl 40-ish embermage in Act 3, and the game isn't all that grind heavy. I'm kind of bothered about shitty armor, though, as I don't feel the game makes it all particularly clear what constitutes as "good armor" and what isn't and my character tends to both die extremely easily and run out of mana too (despite exclusively pumping only focus and vitality).

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I haven't played in a while, but the game doesn't need mods, it works good without them. I bought the game as soon as it was released and Steam's mod workshop for it was a mess, with conflicting mods, but it started to clean up a bit before I stopped playing; modders were collaborating.

I used mods that added more pets and playable classes--the latter was still being tested when I had my fill. I recall a Ninja and Dragonknight class, though.

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I only really used the respec mod. The game itself is fine on it's own.

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Synergies is pretty good, adds a ton of content, there´s a bunch that adds chars and pets, endless dungeons, there´s mods done for people of runic even wich adds more maps, you can have a ton of fun testing a lot of them, i started a ninja i think it was? not sure right now, and i was planning to install a mod to make best use of the engineer summons, but synergies is a pretty good starting point

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