Should I get this or Diablo III?

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#51 Posted by jaycrockett (492 posts) -

Both Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2 have demos, so you should check them both out. From my time in both demos, I found Torchlight more appealing for some reason. It seems to play faster. Plus you can zoom the camera in and out. Can you really not do that in Diablo?

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I'd probably grab Torchlight II. Its relatively new so there should be a decent amount of people playing it right now, its about 30 bucks cheaper than Diablo III, also you can play the game offline and don't have to be connected to blizzards servers to play the games single player. Diablo III is alright but if I'd have to go with either or I'd go with Torchlight II.

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I haven't played either, but I plan on getting Torchlight 2 at some point solely because of the fact that in order to progress in D3 in higher difficulties one must rely on the auction house. It's a really ridiculously stupid and cheap move by Blizzard to gouge their fans, something which I'm not behind. Plus, Torchlight 2 is indie and if you support it they will be able to make bigger and better games - TL2 looks like such a huge improvement over TL1 that hopefully their next game will have so much more polish.

Also, to those saying that it's not as polished as D3, who's to say they can't release updates? It did just launch.

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@xyzygy said:

Also, to those saying that it's not as polished as D3, who's to say they can't release updates? It did just launch.

No one's saying it can't update. Most games do, but it's not always a fast process and it might not even be that much. So let's just stick to what it is now. And as for now, D3 have more polish.

But TL2 is still fine, don't get me wrong.

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Get Torchlight 2. Mod support = nuff said

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@StarvingGamer said:

I hated the original Torchlight. It felt too much like Diablo 1.5, a huge step back from Diablo II which came out like, a decade earlier. The timing gap is shorter now but everything I've seen of Torchlight II makes it seem like it's just Diablo 2.5, making it completely irrelevant in a post Diablo III world to a person like me.

I've only just started playing these types of games so I'm still not horribly familiar with their subtleties; what did Diablo 2 do that Torchlight didn't, and what does Diablo 3 do (other than the auction house) that Torchlight 2 doesn't?

Anyway, I'm not entirely writing off Diablo 3 but two things push me away from it: the auction house (which is fine in theory but I don't really want to see it in what I'm playing) and the need to always stay online (which I do have a major problem with as it feels like a company sticking its fingers too far into my space, plus it completely chops out any mod capability).

It's hard to explain what made D2 into what it was. I only played a a couple hundred hours of it, which is not a lot considering some people played it for a whole decade. Loot is a very important aspect of these games. You'd think it's pretty much "random" in a way, but it's really not. D3 failed in that aspect, the loot was wayyyy too random which forced you to use the auction house if you wanted to complete inferno difficulty. Torchlight 1 was basically an embryo of what TL2 is, it was a fresh take on the hack n slash and it had a lot of issues and unfinished ideas. TL2 expanded on these ideas.

Also, character building is a huge part of these games. D3 doesn't let you choose stats, or make you stick with your skillchoices. You can respec your skills whenever you want and all your stats are totally gear-dependant, like in WoW.

In a way, D3 just feels like a sterile, multi-million product of a corporate company which only exists as a cashcow. TL2 is made by very committed developers who love their fans and these types of games.

I don't mean to sound like someone who hates big companies and despises money.. but..

Bottom line. D3 is all about greed and money, while TL2 is all about fun and love for the game.


I can't speak for Torchlight 2 as I haven't played it, but Diablo III is light years ahead of Diablo II in terms of mechanics and design. Based on my time spent with Diablo II, the original Torchlight, and the various bits of preview coverage I've experienced regarding Torchlight II, it really seems like a reskinned Diablo II with a few convenience tweaks.

As far as loot in D2 vs D3, well, you seem to forget that D2 only had 3 difficulties. The challenge, loot, and odds of success in Hell mode in D2 and D3 were essentially the same. What D3 did was add another tier of difficulty (and loot) beyond the worst (and best) D2 had to offer. Admittedly the difficulty curve was spiked a little too hard when the game came out but they were treading on unfamiliar territory and have since fixed it.

And don't get me started on character building. Do you know why respecs exist? Because, as with any point-allocation system, at the end of the day there are going to be, at most, a few dozen "right" builds, a bunch of builds that are passably bad, and an infinite number of builds that are straight up fucked. Unless you're playing the game with a FAQ open next to you dictating your every level-up or are the sort of person with the patience and forethought to craft a build with the min/maxing synergy focused eyes of a professional MTG deck builder, you're going to have to respec. And Torchlight II doesn't even offer that! You can reinvest your 3 most recently spent skill points? You won't know how badly you fucked up at level 5 until you reach level 30.

D3 is no more about greed and money than any other for-profit product. Remember how Torchlight was supposed to be a way to kickstart their MMO? But it sold so well they were like, fuck it, if we just make a second one of these it will be way easier and we'll probably make another shit ton of money. Unlike D3, however, T2 practically copies the development path from D1-D2 verbatim whereas the effort put in by Blizzard is nothing short of staggering. If it really was all about greed and money, they would have shit out Diablo 2.5 in a year or two and walked all the way to the bank laughing instead of pouring resources into a huge development team for 11 years, redoing the game practically from scratch multiple times, in order to find a way to evolve isometric loot dungeon RPG's.

Anyways, sorry for the derail, but this post pushed all the right buttons.

EDIT: Since I earlier stated that I can't speak for T2 then proceeded to accuse it of copying the D1-D2 development path, allow me to clarify. From what I have seen in the media and heard from friends with the game, the major changes in TL2 are additional classes with a more fleshed out talent/skill system and moving the game from a single town/dungeon to a world with varied environments. Otherwise, TL1 and 2 are relatively similar outside of a myriad of small tweaks to all facets of the game, improving the overall quality of the experience. Am I getting the wrong impression?

This guy is right on the money. Diablo 3 is better, i'm sure you know better than to listen to the people who say "Blizzard is a big greedy corporation"(who obviously have never picked up an economics or philosophy text book their life). Lotta hipsters around... i'm going to guess the bombers said bad stuff about the online only and brainwashed this lot. I mean seriously... who cares? Our phones have freaking internet now... and if your computer is good enough to play D3 smoothly, then I have doubts about how mobile it is... making the online only thing only a theoretical problem.

THough if you don't know if you like ARPG's it might be expensive to go for D3. From my 6 friends who played D3, and are now playing TL2(20 hours in) i'd say that whoever gave D3 a fair chance and got well ahead with a char, like level 40 or something, they would prefer D3. They are already returning to D3.

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Neither. Diablo 2 instead.

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From what I've played 16 hours of TL2 and 60 of Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 is a much better game. Diablo 3 has more polish (Obviously), but TL 2 has heart and personally it's a lot more fun.

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#60 Posted by Bankrotas (46 posts) -

If you want:

Isometric Action RPG - Torchlight 2

Isometric Hack&Slasher - Diablo 3

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I also vote torchlight I played Diablo 3 for a bit couldn't get into it and felt it was a waste of money but I've recently purchased torchlight 2 and put 30 hours + into it in near enough 1 straight session, I'm addicted and It's a cheap addiction. Why wouldn't you want it? :)

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#63 Posted by Rattle618 (1456 posts) -

I wish Blizzard would give me my money back, dont make the same mistake I did, get the superior game: Torchlight II.

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Diablo3 isn't that bad but it's quite short from the gameplay & if you don't mind replaying the game a ton because there's not that much there, I'd say go with Torchlight2. At least with the mod community & other things that this one should be more fun as well as cheaper than d3.

#65 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

After the next Diablo 3 patch, I would recommend getting it. As it is now I do not recommend getting it.

#66 Posted by Superkenon (1506 posts) -

A lot of points have been covered already, but the fact that D3 was really lacking in the 'randomized' aspect of its dungeons/zones was a real turn-off for me in subsequent playthroughs. It almost felt like it was the exact same map every time, though I know there are differences if I... look close enough.

On the other hand, Torchlight II seems to be much better at delivering in that department, at least so far.

#67 Edited by Klei (1768 posts) -

Both are different, in my own opinion.

D3 costs 60 bucks and is the Call of Duty of ARPG's. It's streamlined, over the top production values, plays like bread and butter but is also very dumbed down. I also liked how the game works as a whole, it just clicks. The art design is downright gorgeous too.

TL2 is what you pay for. A 20 buck game. Horrible and completely laughable server browser with a barebone interface. It's ugly and I swear it could run on my iphone. But the gameplay is a lot more opened and the devs don't care if you get OP, unlike Diablo where they'll nerf you right away. And mods. 95% of them will be shit, as with any other game.

Really, pick your poison. Both have qualities and flaws.

#68 Posted by The_Ruiner (1138 posts) -

get the 20 dollar one...

#69 Posted by Spankmealotus (305 posts) -

I can't imagine this far past the OP you haven't decided yet. However having put in about 200 hours into D3 and about 60 or so into TL2 so far I prefer TL2.

I keep returning to D3 in hopes they've improved it but only to get frustrated and quit within 10 minutes of playing it. With D3 after you get to Inferno you have a couple options. First you can either spend a ton of time getting ridiculous amounts of gold or spend real money on the AH so you can make some progress in Inferno. Or second you can try to farm for gear in act 4 Hell for about 30 hours until you can progress in Act 1 inferno. Then you get to farm act 1 for what seems like a lifetime before you can move on. So basically you can either play the same small amount of content for hundreds of hours or play the AH. I've recently gone back to play D3 after playing TL2 and at first I'm re-surprised by how well it plays. From the responsiveness of the controls to how good the skills feel. Then I'm quickly reminded that the horrible story is forced down your throat every few minutes, the majority of the loot is garbage (in terms of usability and in terms of interesting stats), and I find If i'm trying to actually progress through the game where it isn't below my gear/level I get killed frequently and feel like there is nothing I could have done to avoid it. It's one thing to die and know you did something wrong and another to die and either not know why or know why and not be able to do anything different. Sometimes the mobs just have abilities grouped together that you can't live through. I'll keep checking back in hopes they fix things with it. I really really want it to be the game we all hoped it would be and it seems they're trying.

TL2 is just more fun to play for me. The story is still shit but at least they don't force it down your throat by having to wait for NPC's to do stuff in order to move on forcing you to mash ESC or the spacebar to skip it. The world is FAR more randomized and thus less tedious to play through multiple times. Once you get to the end of the game there is a mapworks system, in which you buy maps that put you in a randomly generated dungeon and you get random buffs/debuffs given to you and/or the enemies in the dungeon. Path of Exile does a similar thing but that game feels far from done to me. The loot in TL2 is far and away better than D3. With items that get powered up after you kill a certain number of mobs to constantly finding items with spell procs on them to liven things up. TL2 has fun items you can make builds around. The pet adds a lot to the fun of the game because not only can you have it go to town to sell all of your trash and buy potions/scrolls for you but you also get to equip it with some items and teach it spells. The fact that you have to make choices about building your character with skill and skill decisions comes down to personal preference. Both games have their strengths in regards to the skill systems they use and I'm not sure which I prefer.

In all D3 feels a lot more polished and tighter gameplay that you would expect from a huge team and a massive budget to build the game with. TL2 has been more of an actual FUN experience for me to play. Blizzard will continue to improve on D3 and maybe at some point I'll prefer it again. Runic will release the mod tools and the community will do awesome stuff with TL2 like they did with TL1 and they've also said they are going to be doing some more content for TL2 for free in the future after the mod tools are out. I have to imagine that in a few more years D3 will be close to the game everyone wanted it to be at launch and TL2 will be a crazy playground of cool and interesting mods in a more light hearted world. If you plan on putting a ton of hours into one or the other I would recommend TL2. It feels to me like D3 has a lot more pre-requisites to enjoy it than TL2 does, things like having specific friends to play it with and being okay with buying gear from the AH in a loot driven game.

TL;DR - Diablo 3 feels far more polished and plays tighter as you would expect from a large team with a bigger budget and Torchlight 2 is more pure fun and true to the genre with the items and randomization.

#70 Posted by J12088 (462 posts) -

TL2. it's the better ARPG.

#71 Posted by Bell_End (1203 posts) -

i live in a binary world where everything is either SHIT!! or AMAZING!!!!

its not possible for me to like 2 things so i deeply hate D3 and utterly adore T2.

#72 Posted by cexantus (131 posts) -


"t's ugly and I swear it could run on my iphone."

Errr what? Torchlight II might not be as technically demanding as other games, but ugly it is not.

#73 Posted by MeierTheRed (4941 posts) -

I only played through Diablo 3 once, i expected me to keep going, but after spending 30 hours on it i just stopped. Torchlight 2 on the other hand i'm on a second character and been playing it for 52 hours. So personally i would have to say Torchlight 2.

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