Torchlight code.

#1 Posted by Laneyy (48 posts) -

I have a free torchlight code for steam, this is for the first game not the second.

First person to reply can have it! I'll PM you with the code,

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1 or 2?

If 1, no thanks. If 2, please.

EDIT: NEVERMIND. This is what I get for posting too quickly, I've got one, skip me.

#3 Edited by Laneyy (48 posts) -

Its for 1.

I'd never get rid of it if I put it in the torchlight 1 forum.

#4 Posted by Video_Game_King (36567 posts) -


Does this count as a PM?

#5 Posted by Laneyy (48 posts) -

Not that's just replying to me in this post. You PM by clicking on the white envelope next to your user name on the top right.

#6 Posted by Laneyy (48 posts) -

The code is gone now guys.

Video_Game_King was the lucky winner!

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