Boss Achievements in XBLA Torchlight

#1 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I was looking at the achievements for the XBLA version of Torchlight, and I noticed that there isn't a "Beat Ordrak" one (he's the final boss).  But there is an Avatar Award for killing the last boss.  Too bad it's a lame hat (maybe I'm missing something).   

It's an interesting use of Avatar Awards to reward the player more than XBLA hard limit of 12 achievements.  The other avatar Award (the ubiquitous game-logo T-Shirt) is instead of an achievement for killing boss #2.  Too bad these Awards aren't that good.   
It looks like an S-Rank is very doable here.  It will require some solid grinding, but nothing hard.
#2 Posted by Sargus (764 posts) -

 @YoungFrey: The hardest achievement is the one for achieving the maximum Fame level - and it's not "hard," it just takes a really long time... I'm not sure I'm going to go for it (I already have all the other achievements). But after beating the "final boss" (even though the game continues after that), I was only at fame level 23 or so out of, what? 55? So an entire second playthrough might be needed, unless I'm missing something.

#3 Posted by Lukeweizer (3132 posts) -

I'm just so horny for this game. Avatar awards are just a bonus. I'm pretty excited to work towards achievements (well, REAL achievements).

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