can you fast travel to specific levels somehow?

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I started playing this game today and I played it for a long time before I noticed there were side quests in the town. They tell me to go back to levels I have already visited. I was wondering if there was someway to warp to a specific level of the dungeon. If the game told me how to do it I missed it. I am playing the 360 version. Thanks.

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Every 5 floors there should be a warp portal after you fight a major enemy. Also, using either the Town Portal spell or scrolls, you can plop down a personal portal that will let you visit town and then return where you were. Those sidequests are largely meant to be picked up that way, so when you miss out on those and go past the floor you need to be on, you'll end up having to do a bit of backtracking I'm afraid.

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ok thanks for explaining that :D

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