Enchantment Achievement (XBLA)

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For those of you that own this on XBLA: were any of you successful in enchanting an item 10 times? The furthest I've gotten is 8 and I've tried quite a few times. It's not a major issue, I just figured that I might as well try S-ranking the game, since I've spent a lot of time playing (on PC and Xbox).

Whenever an enchantment kiosk informs me that there's a 10% chance that all enchantments will be remove, I feel pretty confident until they all vanish.

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Yeah it definitely takes lots of tries and a huge investment of gold. If you buy just a basic (white name) ring or something (I did a bow actually) from the merchant and try enchanting that, it works best. It costs quite a bit more to enchant rare or unique items, so you'll go broke a lot faster with all the fails and disenchants it takes to finally get it.

For me I think there were at least a half dozen times where I'd get to 8 or 9 enchantments only to get disenchanted, and more than a dozen other times where it would get disenchanted at lower levels. There's not much else in the game worth spending your gold on however, so really it's just a matter of playing long enough.

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#3 Posted by phrali (677 posts) -

it's actually simple if you don't mind abusing dashboarding.

1. choose item to enchant and go to town.

2. exit to main menu to save progress.

3. reload game and attempt to enchant.

4. if enchanting works, repeat steps 2 and 3. if enchanting fails, dashboard out, reload, try again.

yeah, it's not exactly legit, but it works great if you just want the achievement.

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Yes, save before each enchantment and quit to dashboard if it doesn't work. Anything else is a waste of time and gold.

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