It is almost impossible to defeat Ordrak on X360.

#1 Posted by xyzygy (10590 posts) -

The game's framerate was great up until this point. I am seriously chugging at maybe 2-5 FPS THE WHOLE BATTLE. And this battle lasts about a half an hour. I'm doing it on Hard and while it's not necessarily hard... the game keeps freezing. Does anyone have any tips to get myself through this? I just want to kill him so I can continue on. I would hate to have to restart the game on Easy simply because on Hard he has too much HP and thus gives my system more chance to freeze.

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I got to this boss a couple of days ago, have only tried it once on Hard with an alchemist and it hard-locked after about half an hour.

It seemed as though after a while the Dragonkin and skeletons he spawned started to stack, so that eventually there were about 100 enemies onscreen, the framerate bottomed out and the game froze as too much was happening for it to keep up.

The depressing part was that his health bar wasn't even half empty. I don't know whether the infinite dragon/skeleton horde was a bug or not, but I know that the rate Ordrak was spawning minions not only made the fight impossible, it also completely broke the game!!

#3 Posted by believer258 (12593 posts) -

I played the demo recently. I've played some chuggy games (Quake 4 360), but this takes the cake just from the demo.

After Googling, I found this thread. You don't seem to be the only one.

#4 Posted by Snotty (51 posts) -

I just killed this guy on very hard. It took a long time, although less than helf hour, and I died a lot. However I didnt have serious frame rate problems.

I fought the boss on the stairs by the entrance to the level. He only seemed to spawn one group of dragonkin there.

Once I had beaten him I found the entire floor of his cave covered in draginkin bodies. If I had walked in that room when they were alive Im sure I would have had terrible frame rate too.

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