Keeps crashing on my mac

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So I started playing and at first it would crash everytime I tried to talk to the salesman guy. then I turned down all the settings and it would work. THEN when I went into the mine it would crash as soon as I started attacking monsters.  
What do I do? 

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Well, I could make a dick post like "Well your problem is that you're using a mac," or I could offer genuine help.
I'm feeling nice tonight. Check the forums on Runic's website, and if you're playing through Steam, try the Torchlight Steam forums as well.

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@ajamafalous:  This damn mac is all I have until I get paid and can finish building my new gaming PC!  
I just figured that torchlight was the one game that HAD to run on my shitty macbook. 
EDIT: looking at steam forums and there is one guy who is having the same problem but I wont be able to post until a mod gets around to approving my account.  
err found this... not looking good for me playing this on my macbook  
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Which mac do you have? 
Try netbook mode? If it can run on a netbook, it can run on anything! That's my theory anyway...
#5 Posted by Devil240Z (3272 posts) -
@Shirogane said:
" Which mac do you have?  Try netbook mode? If it can run on a netbook, it can run on anything! That's my theory anyway... "
that was my theory too but the problem seems to be deep. something to do with particles. no fix has been posted in the runic forums yet.  
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I was playing it just fine on my Mac a week or two ago, but I haven't been able to start it up again after the most recent update. :(

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