#1 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -

So today I had a brief flashback of my even more brief Diablo II Days. But I remember I had fun. So i went on a search to see what I can get, and of course, the Torchlight I had forgotten about was brought up. It’s 15$ either way you look at it, but I don’t know if I should get PC or XBLA.

PC Benefits
Probably will Go on steam sale at some point
Can play immediately (my xbox is still at school)

PC Cons
Have a habit of forgetting games exist.
Kills battery.

360 Pros
Familiar control scheme

360 Cons
Can’t have until I go back to school in a week +
Probably will get pushed behind other games i wanna play

Not Buying Pros:
don’t spend $15

#2 Posted by captain_clayman (3328 posts) -

it really doesnt matter honestly.  i say xbl because it's easier to sit for hours and hours on a couch but i have it and PC and i've played it for hours and hours too but i have a comfy chair :D

#3 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

Mods make the game much better.  
360 also has frames issue

#4 Posted by SuperWristBands (2266 posts) -
@The_Laughing_Man said:
" PC  Mods make the game much better. "
#5 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

I was really annoyed at the uneven framerate on the XBLA version whenever things would get to hectic. Which they did quite often for me. 
The  PC version also has mods, so yeah... the PC version is probably the better choice.

#6 Posted by Aus_azn (2224 posts) -

PC, and I think I only paid $2.50 to $5 for it.

#7 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -
@Aus_azn: i know. i didnt really know what it was when it was on steam sale for christmas. in retrospect, i would, in an instant.
#8 Posted by dsilvers (4 posts) -

Definitely play it on PC, especially if you enjoyed Diablo 2. I can only imagine how sore your thumb would get having to hit X to attack over and over again, versus the ability to left click infinitely with your pointer finger.

#9 Posted by steelthrone (2 posts) -

never played it on the PC, but I love being able to sit in my easy chair.  The chair I play computer games in makes me sit up entirely too straight.  I'm impressed with how they transferred the keyboard and mouse interface to a  Xbox 360 controller.is a nice reprieve from other Xbox games

#10 Posted by Gilsham (293 posts) -

most def PC, mods, steamcloud saves, better controls esp for placed spells and ranged attacks

#11 Posted by EveretteScott (1543 posts) -
@CoheedFavorHouse said:

360 Pros

The PC version has those, and A LOT more than 12.

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